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crystal healing in san diego

Crystal Work

Have you ever experienced the magic we call " Crystal Healing Art"?
It works on all aspects of the Mind, Body and Spirit.  

I practice sacred techniques that have been passed down through a lineage for thousands of years
 from the Modern Mystery School. 

How do crystals work ? 

"Stone and crystal work is a combination of the mind, the will, the stone , and the guiding , empowering spirit. When we have awareness and are in state of surrender, we become a channel through which this life force or energy can flow and the healing spirit can do its work. As we focus our mind, leaving behind the impediments of doubt, ego, fear, pride, excess intellectuality, and physical weakness, the more we can become this clear channel."  Uwa Silbey


crystal healing near me


crystal healing san diego

Balance and Align

60 min - $100

crystal healing near me

What to expect during the session ?  The client is fully clothed laying down comfortably on a pre-warmed bed. Crystals will be put on the 3 areas the client has chosen. From time to time I will be chanting, working with the crystals, but most of the time it will be full silence ,with high frequency music in the background for further relaxation, letting the crystals work their magic. Results are best experienced when the client is fully relaxed ,if possible in meditative state. How often should I book ? Crystal work can be performed as often as every day. There are no limits. If you feel like there is much work to be done we can discuss in person the best options for you.

Magickal  Rites with Crystals

15 min - $50

There are 3 Rites :
Magickal Rite One : For Working on Old Wounds
Magickal Rite Two: For Working on New Wounds 
Magickal Rite Three : For a good Fortune *

* This is perfect for people feeling stuck with their luck. 
Lawyers have used it before big cases; students before big exams; it can also be used before important interviews, etc. 

What to expect during the session ? : 
The session is usually 15 minutes. It includes chanting in a sacred language throughout the whole duration. The client is in a seating relaxed position holding a crystal and I am standing in front of the client while chanting. 
The session can be performed on it's own , or before/after a facial. It can be performed as often as every day !  


Experience the miracles that crystals can provide us. 
With the power of the crystals we can focus on different areas to work on : 


Internal Problems
Space Reversal
(perfect for clients who keep loosing items )
Time Enhancement ( perfect for clients who have trouble with time management
Pure Mind



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