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Jikiden Reiki San Diego

If you seek genuine, authentic Reiki, you've come to the right destination. My journey with Reiki led me to Japan, where I trained under Tadao Sensei himself, the esteemed director of the Jikiden Institute. With personal guidance from him, I attained the status of a certified teacher. Below, you'll find my lineage, ensuring the integrity of my practice.

For over three years, I've dedicated myself to Reiki, witnessing profound transformations in the lives of those I've treated. Your trust in me is deeply appreciated as we continue this remarkable journey together. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healing process.

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What is Jikiden Reiki ? 

Reiki is an authentic Japanese Holistic Wellness Art , which can be complimentary to Western medicine or other Healing Arts. It was founded in the 1920′s in Japan by Mikao Usui.  It is based on the theory that there is life force energy that flows through us. When it flows freely , we feel well, but when the energy is blocked(for example ,daily life stress, anxiety, anger, etc, can cause blockage), we get sick and feel unwell. Reiki helps restore the natural flow with the use of the Universal Life Force Energy, which in turn, enhances the client's natural Self-healing ability on a Physical, Emotional and Spiritual level.


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 The Jikiden Reiki Institute has taught me various techniques addressing physical ailments such as pain, inflammation, and organ-related issues, etc. Additionally, there are sacred methods tailored to tackle fears, overcome bad habits, and remove certain negative thoughts that hold us back from our journey towards becoming our Best Authentic Selves.

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 Jikiden Reiki is a very natural, powerful, beautiful experience that I believe every human being should experience. 

   Unlike other Reiki practices, Jikiden Reiki abstains from the use of crystals, sound bowls, or additional tools. Regarded as the purest and most authentic form of Reiki, it follows the teachings in the exact manner as taught by its creator. 



In Person 

Reiki can be practiced both in person or distantly. 

You don't have to be physically present for Reiki to take effect. In Jikiden Practice, we're trained in a technique enabling us to establish a connection with you through the Quantum Field.

As a practitioner, I can sense your body's energy as vividly as if you were physically present. Likewise, many clients report experiencing the same sensations of warmth, coolness, and relaxation typically felt during an in-person Reiki session, even from a distance.

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My Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui Sensei 

Founder of Reiki 

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Chujiro Hayashi

Founder of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyukai

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Chiyoko Yamaguchi

Practiced original Reiki for over 60 years in Japan

original reiki in san diego near me

Tadao Yamaguchi

Founder and President of the Jikiden Reiki Institute

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The energy flows nearly as strong as it would during an in-person session, ensuring you receive identical benefits from the comfort of your own home.

   Distant Reiki is typically performed when clients are unable to attend in-person sessions due to various factors such as distance, illness, or other obligations.

Reiki may help with:

  • Headaches

  • Body aches

  • Chronic issues

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Addictions

  • Bad Habits

  • Feeling unwell

  • Cold/flu symptoms

  • Negative thinking

  • Self-doubt

  • And many many more! 

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Distant (Enkaku Chiryo)

ME ! Tsvetelina Tomova

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Jikiden Reiki Shihan-kaku ( Junior Teacher 1)

Book Here

60 min Initial with Consultation - $130

In Person 

90 min - $150

60 min- $100

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Distant (Enkaku Chiryo)

60 min - $60

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Package Deal : Buy 3 Get 1 50% Off

Package Deal : Distant Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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" ...we have to improve our mind and body by ( daily) practice. For that we first heal the heart/mind. Second we have to make our body healthy. When one's mind is on the healthy path of faithfulness and sincerity, the body becomes healthy by itself. Like this, mind and body become one , and one completes his life with peace and joy. You heal yourself..."

Declaration of the Founder Usui Sensei

What to expect during an in-person Reiki session

A session may last anywhere between 30 minutes to few hours and is usually conducted in a tranquil, dim light atmosphere. During the session, the practitioner gently places his/her hands on different areas of the client's body. The client is fully clothed in a lying or a sitting position. At the end of the session the practitioner uses light patting and brushing hand motion along the client's back and legs.

What to expect during distance (Enkaku Chiryo) Reiki session ? 

During distance Reiki session the client does not have to be physically present, but in a relaxed possition is recommended, while the practitioner utilizes a special distance Reiki technique. The energy transfer is almost as strong as if the session was done in person. Even though distant, the practitioner feels the client the same way as if they were touching the client. The client may or may not experience the same relaxation and bliss , which is experienced during the in person session; it depends on their sensitivity to energy. Regardless, the benefits are still as effective!

How would I feel during/after a session ? 

Generally, clients describe both in-person and distance Reiki sessions as very relaxing. 

You might experience a feeling of relief( emotional, physical or both). You might find yourself feeling positive, happy and balanced. 

What is Jikiden and how is it different from Western Reiki ?

Jikiden ( 'directly taught' or 'directly passed down' )

Jikiden Reiki makes a strong effort into preserving the original ways of Reiki Healing techniques straight from its source - taught by Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. 

Western Reiki on the other hand has left some elements behind and added various new ideas or practices. Jikiden Reiki does not use tools like sound bowls or crystals, etc. They are simply not needed, nor were they ever used during Mikao Usui's time and practice.

30 min - $50

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